How to Not Be A Cult Leader

Another day, another set of misinformed and honestly slanderous accusations that I, a spiritual abuse survivor who literally has only ever tried to spread awareness, am a cult leader. Except the system making the accusations this time around apparently makes a good amount of money doing novel-length writeups on people they think are cult leaders, … Continue reading How to Not Be A Cult Leader


If you found me through my Gallifreyan wedding post…

I just want you to be aware that I post religious stuff here. A LOT of religious stuff. And some of it may be weird or not what you're used to. Primarily pop culture pagan stuff, with a dash of spiritual nonhumanity. The wedding post is not my usual content at all. So, like, when … Continue reading If you found me through my Gallifreyan wedding post…

50 Shades of Grey or Contemporary Christian Music Lyrics? A Quiz

I tried to rewrite some of the megachurch worship hits I grew up with about my current Patron once. I could feel him shouting for me to stop.

Homeschoolers Anonymous

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By R.L. Stollar, HA Community Coordinator

Growing up evangelical, I listened to a lot of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). I never understood the whole “rock music causes demons to eat your brain” mentality. But I did understand — to some extent — their point that Christian rock music was just normal rock music with “Jesus” pasted on top. To my friends and I, that wasn’t actually an intelligent critique. It was more a joke, something we all laughed about.

Fact is, my peers and I often thought it was funny that many CCM songs appeared to be sexy romance songs where the “you” was just capitalized so it suddenly was about Jesus rather than a hot piece of man-flesh. And some CCM bands — Skillet, most of all — have lyrics that are so spiritually kinky, even actual kinksters might blush.

So to honor this humorous memory of CCM’s…

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