How to Not Be A Cult Leader

Another day, another set of misinformed and honestly slanderous accusations that I, a spiritual abuse survivor who literally has only ever tried to spread awareness, am a cult leader. Except the system making the accusations this time around apparently makes a good amount of money doing novel-length writeups on people they think are cult leaders, … Continue reading How to Not Be A Cult Leader


Please stop calling GT a religion.

This post has been turning itself over in my mind for a week or so, due to some interpersonal conflicts that ended with the other party (who shall remain nameless) saying "at least I didn't START A RELIGION" and leaving. Their abrupt departure from my life left me with a lot of residual anger, and … Continue reading Please stop calling GT a religion.

My Paganism Is Not “Earth-Centered”

I know planetary magicians who draw energy from the solar system, fellow pop culture pagans whose practice is based on the worlds of Lord of the Rings, The Elder Scrolls, or Star Wars, technopagans who venerate the synthetic world and the natural world in equal measure, and others who do not fit into the simple 1:1 equivalency of "Pagan" and "Earth-centered."

Let’s Read Stranger in a Strange Land, Chapter 4, Part 1

Greetings and salutations, my loyal mostly-imaginary audience (and any college admissions people who may be reading this), and welcome to the second entry in Cass Reads Stranger in a Strange Land! Man, the time between entries has been a bit longer than I thought it would be... trying to plan your blogging schedule around your … Continue reading Let’s Read Stranger in a Strange Land, Chapter 4, Part 1