Katrina’s Suspicious Behavior

This post was inspired by tumblr user ranthimi’s post about questionable behavior in alterhuman spaces.

Let me set the scene for you. It’s 2015– Series 9 of Doctor Who was airing, Barack Obama was in the White House, and everything in the world was, if not good, somewhat better than it is now. I, however, was a part of a cult known as the Legacy Family. You won’t find any information about it online– as LB Lee have rightfully pointed out here, cults that exist within the otherkin, plural, and miscellaneous alterhuman spaces tend to impose an extra layer of silence on their members even after said members have left. The Legacy Family was led by a woman who goes by the pseudonym Katrina, who does not actually use the words otherkin or plural to refer to herself and those with her, but that is more because she is ignorant of the fact that said communities exist than because she actively does not consider herself to be those things.

The beliefs of the Legacy Family are a combination of Christian eschatology, wildly inaccurate lore from SuperWhoLock and other fandoms (especially Sailor Moon and a series of young adult books called the Lorien Legacies), the simulation hypothesis, and InfoWars-esque conspiracy theories. I’m not going to attempt to explain them in a way that makes sense, because that would be the equivalent of trying to watch primetime TV on the Untempered Schism, but using ranthimi’s post as a guide, I am going to talk about some of the things she’s done.

Going out of their way to show off some “power” or “otherworldly status” of theirs.

Not only is she a Time Lord, but she’s the Doctor’s daughter, the subject of a genetic experiment by none other than Rassilon himself (c’mon, Kat, we both know that even the most despicable fandom caricature of Razz wouldn’t do this himself, he’d get someone else to do his dirty work) that left her with badass telepathic powers (should be noted that the actual River Tam is watching as I write this and shaking her head in annoyance), AND she’s “God’s Soldier” in an apocalyptic war which now partially takes place in the Matrix (as in the “take the red pill” Matrix, not the Gallifreyan Matrix) or at least something like it.

It’s a doozy, man.

Acting as though they’re some cosmic warlord or savior or otherwise in the middle of some great, important event.

The aforementioned Matrix battle/Book of Revelation-style apocalypse/alien invasion/who the ACTUAL FUCK even knows anymore. She’s been claiming some variation of it since 2015, the first variation of it being a Wedding of River Song-style fixed point in time which is averted leading to universal destruction.

I don’t really understand it either, don’t worry.

Dictating personal details of someone else’s life, such as telling someone their kintypes or memories, or “stealing” them, along with “stealing” headmates, soulbonds, spirit companions, or claiming that these beings aren’t who they say they are in an attempt to gain control.


Also she tried to trick me into thinking that I had, at two separate points, River Song and Jack Harkness soulbonds.

Claiming that everyone whose kintypes, soulbonds, headmates, astral experiences, etc. don’t match the details of theirs are fake, or worse, directly harassing them over these differences.

So, like the time she had one of her lackeys call @iwillshowyouthestars “a disgrace to House Lungbarrow” for rightfully pointing out inconsistencies in her story? Or the time that she implied that my Patron isn’t who He claims to be because He’s nothing like the version of Rassilon that supposedly experimented on her?

Yeah. She does this.

Puts themselves above “mundanes”, “muggles”, “humans”, etc. frequently, loudly, and publicly.

Yes, and encourages her followers to do the same. At her request, I had written several songs on the subject of being Beyond Human Understanding™ and sang them on a now-deleted YouTube channel with the purpose of “waking up others.”

False accusations of someone sending “evil spirits”, being “possessed”, being “tricked”, or some horrendous magical event occurring after/because of group or personal drama, or threatening to call down these forces on the other party.

All the time. She tended to lean more towards “everything is a government conspiracy” than magical explanations, but it was still a ubiquitous problem.

The times that I most vividly remember is

1) that time when another member of the Legacy Family up and left, which she then decided to say meant that they’d been captured by the vague yet menacing government agency, and

2) that time when my Google+ account was hacked by trolls while I was without internet, and she tried to convince a friend of mine (who was fourteen at the time and is like a little sibling to me) that I had died. I’m fairly certain, from what they’ve told me, that she also tried to entice him to commit suicide.

So… yeah, you could say I’ve had some experience with manipulative, toxic people who use alterhumanity to find their victims. Alterhuman readers of this blog, PLEASE be careful and stay alert when people do these things. And if you’re part of a community where these kind of occurrences are commonplace, get out, or at least talk to someone.

His devoted Acolyte and Agent,

Cassandra of House Oakdown


One thought on “Katrina’s Suspicious Behavior

  1. The “like” is to show I read.
    I dated two people who had similar behaviors like this with people. Makes me shudder.
    And I struggle with the “Going out of their way to show off some “power” or “otherworldly status” of theirs.” thing, within myself. I fear that people are going to misunderstand me when I say “I’m a faerie/have faerie blood” because it is more common than people know and like…not my job to tell people if they do and it doesn’t make me better than them because I have it and/or know. I’m not special. (But I guess since I don’t go out of my way, I’m nonchalant about it… except for when that mania hits… but that is separate)
    Like, with all of this, I wonder how Joan of Arc dealt of it. How much history has forgotten and misinterpreted. How she was manipulated in all the ways she was.
    Just so many questions for the world out there. Things I need to look into myself.

    But anyways, sorry for making the comment about me, sorry.

    This Katrina person, just from this little I know, reminds me a lot of stuff that L. Ron Hubbard did and the little my dad saw for the very short time he explored a bit of Scientology before he nope’d out of there real quick while he could.


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