Katrina’s Suspicious Behavior

This post was inspired by tumblr user ranthimi's post about questionable behavior in alterhuman spaces. Let me set the scene for you. It's 2015-- Series 9 of Doctor Who was airing, Barack Obama was in the White House, and everything in the world was, if not good, somewhat better than it is now. I, however, … Continue reading Katrina’s Suspicious Behavior


31 Days of Spiritual Journaling, Day Two (late as fuck)

View the full list of prompts here. "How did you come to your path?" I'll be honest here: I wasn't gonna do this one. Conversion stories are boring, and for this ex-evangelical, borderline traumatic. But due to recent events, it seems like I have no choice, so... here goes. The story of how I, a … Continue reading 31 Days of Spiritual Journaling, Day Two (late as fuck)

You Who Are Evil: The Humanity of Christianity vs. The Humanity of Polytheism

Know Thyself

I have Chinese takeout and I’m sitting here next to Apollon’s altar with a tea offering on it, and for some reason I’ve been thinking about the phrase “you who are evil” from the Bible. I dunno, something about the food makes me think of it. Materialism, putting myself first and all that.

It’s just something that’s really stuck in my mind from way back when. The word “evil” is used so lightly and frequently in Christianity, and you don’t realize how very real the belief is until you think of saying “but I’m not evil” and you know exacty the reaction you’d receive.

You think, but of course they really know that a baby who was just born can’t be evil – nope, they don’t. Every impulse of our hearts is evil, even as four-year-olds who really want a brownie that was supposed to be for the PTA meeting…

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